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Golden Steel Plate

In the local Sri Lankan language, Sinhalese, the word 'Jivana' means 'living'. With the many health benefits of spices being increasingly recognised, we at Jivana are continually learning about the advantages these amazing ingredients bring to health and life, not to mention aromatic taste sensations.

This is at the essence of our values.

We have a passion for sharing our love of spices with everyone we meet.

Inspired by many years of travel, we savoured memorable aromas and tastes, until eventually, we decided to nourish those memories and do something we love. So, Jivana Spices was created by Sue and Lani, from their home in Somerset.

We offer the highest-quality spices and blends in compostable, vegan packaging.


We wish to share our inspiration with you, in a healthy and ethically viable style.

Good for you and good for the planet, let Jivana Spices inspire your spice route.

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OUR Mission

We set ourselves the task of creating a shop bringing a wide range of spices and our own unique blends to your own homes, family and friends. Sustainability sits in the heart of what we do, whilst bringing you the taste and health benefits of each individual spices.

Made from fully recycled paper and vegetable starch, our packaging pouches are resealable and compostable.

Golden Steel Plate

OUR Vision

    We carefully select our high-quality spices from        around the world, buying in small quantities to ensure optimum freshness and depth of flavour.

Our spices are always prepared by hand and where possible, they are roasted and freshly ground to order. This ensures that only the freshest spices and blends reach your door, your dishes, and you.

We are working hard to become fully organic.

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